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Ramayana Champion Winners - 2023

Who have achieved recognition and success in competitions


Working as Social Studies teacher in an international school in Hyderabad

"The 'Ayodhya Illustrated Ramayana' project by Ayodhya Publications has ignited a deep interest in our students for the ancient epic. The captivating pictures and engaging narrative have made learning about Ramayana an enjoyable experience. It's heartening to witness our children not only reading enthusiastically but also participating eagerly in the international contest. This initiative is truly commendable and educational."


"As a parent, I am thrilled to see my child engrossed in the 'Ayodhya Illustrated Ramayana.' The combination of vibrant visuals and captivating storytelling has made the epic come alive for them. The international championship contest adds an element of excitement and learning. It's wonderful to see my child's interest in mythology growing through this innovative initiative."

Kishore Rajasekharan
10 Year Old, Chennai

"Reading the 'Ayodhya Illustrated Ramayana' has been an amazing journey for me. The pictures are so colorful and exciting, and the story is really cool. I'm super excited about the international contest – it feels like a big adventure! I can't wait to write about the epic and win some awesome prizes. This is the best way to learn about Ramayana!"

Saakshi Dubey
English Teacher in a Reputed School, Bangalore

"The 'Ayodhya Illustrated Ramayana' has become a favorite among our students. The combination of visual appeal and a gripping narrative has made understanding Ramayana both enjoyable and enriching. This initiative not only promotes reading but also encourages critical thinking and creativity among children. Kudos to Ayodhya Publications for fostering a love for mythology in such an innovative way."

Sudha Ramamurthy
Delhi (parent)

"We are delighted that our child is a part of the 'Ayodhya Illustrated Ramayana' contest. The beautifully illustrated book has sparked our child's interest in ancient tales, and the international championship has motivated them to explore and express their understanding of Ramayana. This initiative is a brilliant way to keep children engaged and learning, and we appreciate the effort put into making mythology exciting for them."



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